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Good Sammy Academy

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Working your way towards a job you love, setting your goals and building your skills can be scary. We often have no idea where to start or what it is we really want to do.

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That’s why we’ve launched the Good Sammy Academy!

Helping you find meaningful work you love, whatever and wherever that is, is what matters to us.

Whether you’re a new participant or someone who has been part of the Good Sammy family for many years, the Academy is here for you.

What is the Good Sammy Academy?

The Good Sammy Academy is where you come to build confidence, skills and future employment options. 

We have developed a range of inspiring programs that will improve your 'employAbility'.

Our Academy programs will help you discover your talents, build confidence and teach you the skills you need to reach your employment goals. 

We are a registered NDIS Provider and our Academy programs cater to different needs and ability levels. 

What makes the Good Sammy Academy different to other disability employment programs?

The Good Sammy Academy has been developed with YOU in mind. You are unique and your employment goals are unique too! So, your journey towards achieving those goals needs a unique approach.

At the Good Sammy Academy, we are dedicated to understanding you and your goals. That's why you will be partnered with a personal Journey Planner and Journey Coordinator who will spend time with you and help map a plan that will set you up for success. 

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Your unique plan will include structured learning and work experience programs based on contemporary, in demand, employment skills. 

The Good Sammy community of businesses and partners is here to support you too. Our community is the heart of all we do and reminds us that we are capable of so much more than we believe.

For more than 60 years we have partnered with Participants to reach their employment goals. Their success has been our success. Their dreams have been our dreams. Now it’s your turn, and when you achieve your goals, we’ll celebrate with you!

Come and be part of our community, we look forward to being on the journey with you.

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There are so many reasons why people choose Good Sammy.

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