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Disability Employment

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At Good Sammy, we develop skills, build confidence and create pathways to employment. It is very important to us that our Participants understand they have choices and can achieve the job of their dreams!

If you are a school leaver or looking to build your skills toward employment, the Good Sammy Discovery Program is for you. 

If you already have some skills and are looking for a Supported Employment opportunity, contact our Academy team on 9463 0562 or email so we can learn more about the type of role you're looking for. 

Supported Employment Opportunities

If you have developed your skills and are now ready to find a placement in your employment area of choice, but would prefer to have some support so you can learn the role without any added pressure, there are a range of opportunities across our network of social enterprises. 

We have included a list of examples below. 

Not interested in any of the roles we've listed? Let us know! We'd love to learn more about what your dream job is so we can help you get there.


If you're interested in retail or sustainable fashion and you enjoy customer service, a Retail Assistant role might be perfect for you!

Roles are available in our 27 Op Shops, which are located all across Perth and Peel. We also have stores in Bunbury, Albany, Geraldton and Northam

Tasks can include: 

  • accepting and process donations
  • visual merchandising
  • customer service
  • general cleaning


We have two Containers for Change drive-thru sites, one in Canning Vale and one in Wanneroo

Customers describe these sites as the premium "valet" experience of the Containers for Change scheme. 

Tasks can include:

  • welcoming and serving customers
  • processing containers and bottles
  • traffic management


Our warehouses are located in Canning Vale and Wanneroo, where you are surrounded by a wonderful team of co-workers.

Whether you love being around others or prefer focusing on the job at hand, consider trying a warehousing role.  

Tasks can include:

  • unloading donation trucks
  • processing donations
  • inventory management
  • picking and packing
  • forklift operations

Logistics and Transport 

Our Logistics and Transport team is responsible for all pick-up and deliveries. 

Tasks can include:

  • C, LR and MR class driving
  • forklift operations
  • processing donations
  • distribution to our retail network

Admin and Support Services

Our administration and support services team are so important to running smooth operations.

Tasks can include:

  • data entry
  • answering phones
  • responding to emails
  • office inventory management
  • customer service

Digital and Online Media

Our Digital and Online Media team are responsible for the Good Sammy online store. 

Tasks can include:

  • photography and photo editing
  • multimedia creation
  • creative concepting
  • development of social media content
  • research
  • online inventory management


Our Head Office in Canning Vale has an on-site canteen that caters to hundreds of employees. 

Tasks can include:

  • food preparation
  • cleaning
  • customer service

Enquire about Supported Employment

If you're looking for a Supported Employment opportunity, we'd love you to join the Good Sammy team! Our team often say Good Sammy feels like a family. Just like a family, we consider our values, we enjoy being together and we support each other. Our work is important to us, because we make a meaningful difference to the lives of so many people and their families. 

Get in touch! 


Phone: 9463 0562

Please note: to be eligible for supported employment positions, you must have a Disability Support Pension, and NDIS funding. If you need help arranging your funding plan, our Academy Team can help you.

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