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Employment Supports

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We believe everyone has the ability to work.

At Good Sammy, we help people with disability build the skills they need to obtain and maintain employment. 

Our employment support services are tailored to building a person’s capacity to work. This includes developing a person’s confidence, independence, capability and capacity to get and keep a job.

Our Employment Support Services

When a person engages our employment supports, we find a mentor that best suits their interests, personality, age and employment goals. 

The mentor works alongside the person and their family, always supporting and empowering the individual who is our focus. 

Here are just some of the employment supports we deliver:

  • Catching public transport. From identifying and reaching the bus or train station, to getting on/off, reading timetables and purchasing tickets.
  • Employment tools. We help develop a CV, identify job opportunities, help with job applications, and interview preparation.
  • Social engagement. We support a person to build their confidence to engage with others in formal and informal settings.
  • Supporting the individual with financial and administration skills and practices. We will enhance a person’s confidence and skills with money and paperwork, that may be crucial in an employment setting. Note: we do not help or assist the individual with their financial matters.
  • Skill building. Where a person has specific areas to build capability to find and keep a job, we will help them to build and maintain those skills. 

We focus on employment as we believe this is critical for social and financial independence. We help individuals build foundational skills in the community that are stepping stones to employment pathways and employment.

Our supports do not include activities unrelated to employment goals, such as purely social and recreational activities. 

We do not provide allied health, or self-care supports, but we can put you in touch with others who focus on those areas. 

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