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Jobs for people with disability. Click to learn more.
Jobs for people with disability. Tap to learn more.


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We actively pursue our mission, so people of all abilities can have the opportunity to be employed in a job they love. 

This involves creating a movement for change by activating the broader community, who can help us create a better future for people with disability.

Good Sammy advocates for the potential and value people living with disability can offer. Through our business connections we encourage employers to harness this potential in their own organisations.

By creating inclusive workplaces, we can gather momentum for our movement for change. With each positive change in mindset about what a person living with disability can achieve, we hope our movement will permeate through business culture towards a more inclusive society.

At Good Sammy we lead this advocacy by example. To provide employment opportunities for people living with disability, we are constantly looking to grow our offering, to offer wider support, more work sampling, more work experience options and further employment opportunities within our own organisation. Our school-based programs offer the earliest interventions, enabling us to identify clients’ needs and begin building their life-skills and confidence in preparation for their transition to employment.

We plan to significantly increase our impact, offering more people the opportunity to grow their skills, access employment opportunities and lead an independent and fulfilling life.

Partnering with businesses which embrace our philosophy and intention is key to enhancing our offering and furthering our vision.

If you believe in our movement for change, join us. There are many ways you can make a difference! You can volunteer, make a donation, shop with us, encourage people to use our disability employment services or do business with us.

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