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A banner that says: Did you know? When you choose a Good Sammy operated refund point, you support us to improve employment outcomes for Western Australians with disability.  It’s a win-win!  You get 10 cents per container and we get 6 cents, which is reinvested to grow disability employment..
A banner that says: Did you know? When you choose a Good Sammy operated refund point, you support us to improve employment outcomes for Western Australians with disability.  It’s a win-win!  You get 10 cents per container and we get 6 cents, which is reinvested to grow disability employment..

Containers Recycling FAQs

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What is Containers for Change?
The Containers for Change scheme is all about reducing litter and increasing Western Australia’s recycling rates. The scheme aims to incentivise recycling by offering a 10 cent refund for every eligible beverage container returned to authorised container refund points in WA. 
Good Sammy is a super collector of your containers. We have 22 convenient locations to help you be part of the program.
To find your nearest Good Sammy location please click here.

Do I need a member number to use the Containers for Change?
For all sites (other than cash sites) you will need a member number to participate. If you don’t have a member number, you can sign up for one on the Containers for Change website.
To register for the program please click here.
We have registration ipads in our Good Sammy authorised refund stores to help you.

My member number accounts says my payment is being processed. When will it be paid?
We process customer payments immediately. However, payments are sometimes subject to additional bank checks along with their normal clearing process before the payment is released to you. In most cases, payments should be paid within one business day, if the additional checks are not required and your bank details are correct. 
You’ll be notified by the Containers for Change team if a payment error has been identified and the bank has been unable to allocate the payment to your account. We recommend checking the payment details you have registered to your member number account to ensure payment issues are avoided.  

What is a bag drop?
A bag drop is a container refund point where customers drop off bags of eligible containers to be counted later. The bag drop is typically unstaffed and is either a shipping container, charity bin or cage. Customers label each bag with a member number so when the containers are counted later at a nearby depot, we can transfer the refund amount to the customer via EFT.
Bag drops are designed for convenience, however, it will take longer to receive your refund at a bag drop than at a depot. This is because bag drop sites may not be serviced daily but a few times a week or less – depending on the location. The containers must be collected, transported and counted before the refund amount can be transferred to your account. 
Can my refund be paid into my PayPal account?
Yes – refunds can be paid into your PayPal account! If you have a member number login to your account here and select PayPal as your preferred method of payment. Quote your member number when returning your containers and your refund will go directly to your PayPal account.

Which containers are eligible for a refund?
Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible for a refund. Given the scheme aims to reduce litter, eligible containers are typically those consumed outside of the home with the scheme encouraging the proper disposal of these containers. 
For the full list of eligible containers registered by the State Government as eligible, please see here.

Which containers are not eligible for a refund?
All containers smaller than 150ml and bigger than 3L are not eligible for a refund. Other ineligible containers include:
•    plain milk containers,
•    glass containers which have contained wine or pure spirits,
•    large containers (1L or more) which have contained flavoured milk, pure juice, cask wine or cask water,
•    cordial or vegetable juice containers,
•    wine sachets above 250ml, and
•    registered health tonics.

Eligible Containers

Ineligible Containers

For the full list of ineligible containers registered by the State Government, please click here. If your local council offers recycling, check with the council to see which containers can still be recycled through their kerbside collection service. 

What happens to the containers once they are returned to a container refund point?
We will sort the containers into material types after they are returned by customers. Generally, the sorted containers are transported to a processing facility. Here, the processor prepares the material for recycling – usually by crushing the materials into bales.
Accredited recyclers purchase the materials off a secure online auction portal run by Container Exchange (COEX) which they recycle into new products. If the materials are recycled into a new eligible container, the journey starts again!

How can I receive my refund?
At Good Sammy we offer different refund options, including cash, member number (via EFT), PayPal – please check at each location as there are different types of refund collection points.

Where can I return my containers?
To find your nearest Good Sammy container refund point click here

How do I donate my containers?
At Good Sammy we would love your containers as donations.  We can raise much needed funds through Containers for Change – all you have to do is place our unique member number on the bag which is C10275962.
You can drop off your containers in a bag to us directly at all of the following locations (click here) – thank you!
All containers help us provide employment and support to West Australian living with disability.

Can I claim a tax deduction when I donate my containers?
No, containers are donated for the charity or community group to collect the refund. Those charities who are eligible for a tax deduction on the refund can do so.

What condition do my containers have to be in?
Good question! Containers must be empty and have their lids removed. Glass containers must be intact but other containers can be crushed by hand. However, if they look like they’ve been processed through machinery then the container refund point operator may not accept them. 
Containers don’t have to have labels if the collection location can recognise the container as eligible. You don’t have to rinse your containers but the cleaner the better for storing them at home – we’d love it if you could rinse them before depositing.

Do I need to remove lids from containers before cashing them in?
Yes please! Lids may seem harmless, but they can actually be dangerous. If a lid is left on when a container is processed the lid can shoot off it, potentially injuring a worker or customer nearby. 
Can a container refund point operator refuse to accept my containers?
Yes. A operator may refuse to accept your container if:
•    it’s ineligible, 
•    it doesn’t have the refund mark,
•    it’s contaminated (e.g. contains dirt, paint, petrol, waste, etc.),
•    it’s not recognisable as eligible (e.g. crushed beyond recognition or no label or barcode), 
•    the operator believes the container has been purchased interstate,
•    the operator believes the container has already been returned through the scheme or to a material recovery facility (MRF),
•    you refuse to provide your license when returning more than 825 containers or sign a declaration form when returning more than 1,500 containers, or
•    the location is too full that accepting your containers would be a health and safety hazard.

Do I need to bring my own bags and labels at bag drop container refund points?
Customers should BYO bags and labels when using a bag drop. Make sure the bags are sturdy, so they don’t break in transit – it’s a good idea not to overfill them too. Write your full name and member number clearly on your labels and stick them on or put them inside each bag you’re returning. 
For a gold coin donation, at Good Sammy we can provide you with some sturdy bags.

What is a member number?
Member numbers are a great way to receive your refund. They’re a unique code which customers can use at container refund points to receive their refund via EFT. Using your member number means you can track your return history and progress.  
You can sign up for a member number here and start cashing in!
How do I register for a member number?
You can register for a new member number here. An activation link will be sent to your nominated email to complete your profile and get your member number.


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