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Loyalty Program T&Cs

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  1. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or bulk purchases.
  2. Discounts do not apply to new goods and the Gold Seal range.
  3. Stamps are redeemable in-store only. The Good Sammy Loyalty Star Card is unable to be used online.
  4. Customers are entitled to one stamp if they spend $10 or more per visit. One card per person/family, per visit (per day).
  5. Donate one bag of donations or more to receive one stamp. One card per person/family, per visit (per day). Donations must be of good quality and in saleable condition.
  6. Return a full bag of containers to one of our bag drop sites to receive one stamp per visit. 
  7. Stamps must be issued in sequential order and discounts cannot be held for future purchases.
  8. Multiple cards cannot be amalgamated.
  9. Customers must provide their full name (first name and surname), a valid email address or mobile phone number, and postcode to receive a card.  All data will be collected in accordance with our privacy policy.
  10. All Loyalty Program Benefits and offers may be changed by Good Sammy at any time, without notice.

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