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Best Tips for Finding Work When You Have a Disability

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Building a rewarding life is what we all want. Having a satisfying career or job that is enjoyable IS achievable. The rewards of financial independence; and working with people on a shared purpose, builds emotional well-being and confidence. 

Good Sammy has helped people with disability find employment for more than 60 years. We know what is required and we help you get the job you want. We’re ready to work hard for you!

Here are our best tips for securing your next job.

1. List what are you good at

Everyone has strengths. Make a list of what you are good at and activities you really enjoy doing. What kind of job or career would involve these skills? Where do these jobs exist? Make a list of organisations or companies that have these roles already, this is your wish list and your potential future targets. 

2. Get help to find your dream job

Finding the right support for you is so important. Disability employment service providers can have partnerships with businesses who are ready to hire. Linking your skills with the right employer is a key element of future success. To do that you need to choose the right disability employment organisation who understand your individual needs, what you want, and how to bring all these elements together. To find out if you are eligible for disability employment services please contact Good Sammy.

3. Prepare your documents

Once you have connected with a disability employment support provider, such as Good Sammy, they will help you write a resume and covering letter. This will promote your skills and strengths, while focusing on the job you are applying for.

4.  Keep going – volunteer or gain work experience

Finding a great job can take some time. There will generally be more applications than success, but that’s ok. While applying for jobs, keep your skills and motivation up by volunteering, doing work experience or completing a traineeship. Sometimes work experience can even lead to full time employment. It’s great to keep busy while looking. It’s also great fun to work with a team of people and make new friends! 

5. Be adaptable

Sometimes you may need to reassess your goals. This is totally normal. We all need to be flexible and adjust when needed. Most importantly, set new goals and targets, and stay positive.

Don’t forget 

Looking for employment is a journey. Gaining advice early will help steer you on the right path and gather the necessary support, networks and connections around you.  

If you are not sure where to start, chat with us. Good Sammy provides employment opportunities, training and support for people with disability throughout Western Australia. We believe in a better future for people with disability, and we believe creating inclusive workplaces is the foundation for an inclusive society.

For more information follow our Quick Links:

Enquire about disability employment, including Supported Employment and Open Employment opportunities. 

If you're someone with disability who is looking for employment, including Supported Employment or Open Employment, we'd love to hear from you! 

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Please note: to be eligible for Supported Employment positions, you must have a Disability Support Pension, and NDIS funding. If you need help arranging your funding plan, our Academy Team can help you.


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