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Good Sammy Booragoon: A hotspot op shop

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Good Sammy Booragoon front of store

Are you on the hunt for that perfect designer piece or a good book to curl up with? Your search ends here! Good Sammy Booragoon has everything you need, from high-quality fashion to an extensive book collection and much more. Located just a short drive away from Westfield Booragoon Shopping Centre and easily accessible by public transport, it promises a fun-filled and rewarding op shopping experience.

Good Sammy Booragoon caters to the whole family with a wide range of clothing options for women, men and kids. But the real star of the show is their Gold Seal collection, which includes top-notch brands like Gorman, Scanlan & Theodore, Cos, Zimmermann, Alice McCall, and a selection of stunning vintage pieces.

Dress finds at Good Sammy Booragoon

It's no wonder the store has become a hit with members of the Perth’s Best Op Shops Facebook Page. Lucky shoppers have scored incredible finds, from a vintage United Colours of Bennetton wool coat to a Max Mara shirt and even a brand-new Chanel lipstick.

But it’s not just designer fashion that takes the spotlight. Booragoon’s Gold Seal section also boasts a selection of high-quality bric-a-brac, including new and vintage plate and cutlery sets, glassware, silverware, vases, and ornaments. These treasures are elegantly displayed along one wall, immediately catching the eye of shoppers as they enter the store. One shopper couldn’t believe her luck when she stumbled upon a rare set of glass goblets decorated with bees. If purchased new, this set would have cost over $280, but she snagged them for a mere $6! Now that’s a bargain!

Bric-a-brac Vintage forks

And the great deals just keep on coming. Good Sammy Booragoon has an entire room filled with standard-priced homewares, electrical items, bed linen, toys and various everyday essentials. It’s a treasure trove of affordable finds, and you’re bound to discover something you love.

If you’re a book lover, you’ll be pleased to hear that Good Sammy Booragoon is practically a library with a huge selection of second-hand books to suit every reading preference and age group. To keep things organised, they’ve split the collection into two sections: one for kids and one for adults. All these books have been thoughtfully sorted into alphabetical order, making it super easy to track down those titles on your wish list – and even discover some you never knew you wanted. Here are just some of the many great titles I spotted during my visit.

Collage of book finds

Some other gems I spotted: plenty of gorgeous floral dresses – perfect for spring. The best part? They were all hanging on the standard-priced racks, with none costing more than $9 each. I even found a pretty Rip Curl number (worth $80) on the $2 clearance rack.

Speaking of the clearance rack, it's a permanent feature at Good Sammy Booragoon, but that's not all. They frequently roll out awesome sales and offers in-store. Right now, they're running an end-of-season sale, with winter fashion at heavily discounted prices. With something to suit every taste and budget, it's no wonder the store draws in customers from all over Perth.

The team at Good Sammy Booragoon is all about elevating your shopping experience. They've recently given the store a makeover to improve its layout and accessibility. The result is a clean, spacious and well-organised space with clothing arranged by size and colour, and large windows that let in plenty of natural light. They've got even more improvements in the pipeline to make your shopping adventure even better. Stay tuned for what's next!

Gold Seal section at Good Sammy Booragoon

Assistant Manager Leanne says that quality stock, teamwork and a warm atmosphere is what Good Sammy Booragoon is all about. She works alongside twelve other employees, including six with disability, and she describes the team as a “close-knit family” who always look out for each other and do their best for customers.

“We're all about giving back”, says Leanne. “By selling the generous donations we receive, we're reducing landfill waste and creating job opportunities for people with disability. Plus, we're making quality items affordable for everyone.”

With its abundance of treasures, Good Sammy Booragoon should be on every Perth op shopper’s list. Swing by, have a browse and you might even score a haul like this!

And before you head over, remember to bring your donations and containers with you. Booragoon, like many other Good Sammy stores, provides a convenient and contact-free solution for recycling your containers through its Containers for Change bag drop service. It's a win-win – you get to declutter sustainably, and you support a fantastic cause at the same time. Happy shopping and recycling!

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