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Visit from Hon Ed Husic MP & Sam Lim (Candidate for Tangney)

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We were delighted to receive a visit from the Hon. Ed Husic MP during his trip to WA and Sam Lim, candidate for Tangney.

Sam Lim, Hon Ed Husic, CEO Kane and Employee Scott showing good sammy logo on vest

Both Mr Husic and Mr Lim were impressed with our Canning Vale headquarters, which is home to our recycling and waste management facilities, and the main hub for our Academy business, which trains people with disability for employment opportunities.

Kane talking to Sam Lin and Ed Husic about Good Sammy

Mr Husic was appreciative of the visit and the opportunity to learn more about Good Sammy. The experience will help as he reflects on the policy levers necessary to get more people with disability into employment, and how to promote improved recycling and waste diversion from landfill.

“A big thank you to Kane and the team at Good Sammy for welcoming us to their Canning Vale warehouse. A wonderful example of the impact that opening up opportunities for people living with a disability can have for all Australians.

Not for profits like Good Sammy make a massive contribution to the circular economy and the community." said Mr Husic.

Tour guides for the day were CEO, Kane Blackman and employee, Scott Crawford.

“We relish the opportunity to engage with government and industry to achieve sustainability and employment goals,” said Blackman.

As someone who has strong experience both commercially and within the disability sector, Blackman is someone who is described as having a commercial mind and a social heart.

Sam Lim, Hon Ed Husic, CEO Kane pointing to logo on vest

“Our mission is to provide jobs and training for people with disability, and having commercial businesses is key to delivering on our mission. The fact that many of our businesses have a sustainability focus is something all Good Sammy employees are incredibly proud of,” said Blackman.

"I am very thankful for Kane and Scott for taking the time to show Ed and I around today. I was really impressed by the scale of the Good Sammy operation, and by the innovative practices on display. If elected, I look forward to working with the Good Sammy team," said Mr Lim.

What makes Good Sammy stand out from other disability employment providers is its wide range of business operations. People with disability benefit from exposure to a diverse range of job and training opportunities.

Hon Ed Husic talking to Employee Michael in the warehouse

“Having the opportunity to speak with current and potential members of Federal Parliament and show them the amazing work we do at Good Sammy is a dream come true. I was awarded a Good Sammy scholarship last year, and I’ve been working hard with my managers and mentors to further develop my confidence and public speaking skills. This was a great opportunity to put some of my skills into practice,” said Crawford.

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