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Highlights from Good Sammy Academy’s Latest HYPE Program

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At Good Sammy Academy, the recent conclusion of our HYPE Program marks another milestone in our commitment to career readiness.

Over the past six weeks, six participants have been deeply involved in a program that explores the depths of career planning and employment skills, with impressive engagement.

The HYPE Program, proudly supported by Beyond Bank, is designed not merely to inform but to empower. Participants delved into the critical aspects of job readiness, starting with the art of setting clear, actionable goals. This foundation is crucial as it shapes the trajectory of a person's career path, a lesson we emphasise through practical planning activities.

CV building was another key focus, where participants learned to distil their experiences into compelling narratives. Understanding what details to highlight and how to format their achievements helps set them apart in the competitive job market. This skill, combined with the ability to navigate real job advertisements, provided them with hands-on experience that bridged theoretical knowledge with real-world application.

Communication skills, both in writing cover letters and structuring professional emails, were sharpened. These are tools every job seeker needs to master in order to make a strong first impression.

Additionally, insights from our People & Culture team about what to watch for in employment contracts offered a peek into the finer details of job offers, preparing participants to navigate their future employment with confidence.

Mock interviews were a highlight, featuring one-on-one feedback from industry experts from our L&D team. This exercise was not only about refining interview techniques but also about building the confidence necessary to succeed in them.

The practical application extended to dressing for success, facilitated by our e-commerce team who assembled a selection of professional attire for participants, ensuring they looked the part and felt their best during mock interviews. The program wrapped up with a Graduation Ceremony that was a celebration of progress and potential. It underscored the significant strides each participant made, thanks to the collective support of their mentors and peers.

Looking ahead, Good Sammy Academy is set to begin the next HYPE course on January 18th, 2024. We are eager to welcome new participants who are looking to take that next step in their professional development. For those interested in joining or recommending someone to the program, please reach out to the Academy Team at or call 9463 0500.

Our Academy Programs are proudly supported by Beyond Bank

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Thanks to Beyond Bank, we are able to deliver even more opportunities to Western Australians with disability. 

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