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Volunteering at Good Sammy

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With National Volunteer Week coming up, we would like to take the opportunity to thank our wonderful volunteers. We greatly appreciate the hard work everyone has put in. So many volunteers have gone above the call of duty in their work, and it reflects a fantastic attitude. Your support helps us create career pathways for people with disability, and we are ever grateful. 


If you’re interested in working in Community Services or Disability Support, or you’re seeking work experience in Commerce or Communications, then you should definitely volunteer at Good Sammy!


We have a diverse range of opportunities across our corporate services, including within the Good Sammy Academy, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and e-Commerce. These positions involve working in a professional environment with people who are experts in their field, and are great for students looking for work experience and internships. Even if you aren’t studying, these roles are opportunities for you to hone your skills and support your community at the same time.

“All the volunteers who come to Good Sammy learn lots of practical skills” – Ankit, Good Sammy Academy Intern 

Ankit recently completed an internship with our Academy team. Working towards a Community Services qualification, Ankit completed 400 hours of work experience, which he has found to be very applicable to his career prospects. 

Working alongside other volunteers and employees, Ankit has approached each day at the Academy with a great deal of enthusiasm, providing in-depth learning opportunities for people with disability. “That’s one of my favourite parts of the job. I haven’t had the chance to do anything like that before. Volunteering with Good Sammy is something anyone can and should do - it was an experience that broadened my mind.” 

Curtin University student, Levinia, has been developing practical eCommerce skills by helping out the Online Store. Looking for a career in Marketing and Content Creation, Levinia has been gaining work experience by assisting with social media content, product selection and photography. Levinia’s work ethic has been impressive. Volunteering one day per week, she makes great use of her time. In fact, Levinia was recently awarded Volunteer of the Month for exemplifying the Good Sammy values. She said that she loves volunteering in the Online Store. “Working with the team at Good Sammy is so rewarding, everyone is developing their employment skills based on their interests and capacity.” 

Levinia (volunteer) smiling and holding up her award for Volunteer of the month

Senior Online Store Coordinator, Angie, said that without the support of volunteers like Levinia, the Online Store would not be possible.

The support volunteers provide is invaluable to our team, without them, we wouldn’t be able to make the same impact in any of the work we do. We love the different perspectives and creative ideas that emerge when working together with volunteers who may come from different backgrounds and have different experiences – we never shy away from volunteers who want to support us in any way they can. - Angie, Online Store Coordinator

While the Academy team and Online Store are always looking for skilled and driven volunteers, there are all sorts of positions in a broad range of areas which we would love to have filled. Good Sammy always prioritises finding work opportunities that fit in with people’s skills and passions. This allows our volunteers and participants to thrive in their environment and expand their career opportunities. 

If you’re interested in gaining valuable work experience within your chosen field, as well as helping to create genuine and meaningful opportunities for people with disability, then why not try volunteering with Good Sammy? It would be a fantastic opportunity and we would love to have you! To inquire, visit our Volunteer page or email

Article written by volunteer, James Brand. 

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