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Steve – Volunteer of the Month

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Steve is our most recent Volunteer of the Month. Having demonstrated his qualities as a leader and a mentor at our Midland op shop, he has helped build a team with his fantastic attitude and a spirit of learning.

Steve standing and smiling in the Midland Good Sammy store - Volunteer of the year

Though he’s been with Good Sammy for just 11 months, Steve’s been a volunteer for most of his life. Be it community soccer, scouts, hospices or libraries, Steve’s been there to give back to his community.

Utilising his library experience, Steve took to Midland’s second-hand book section, quickly reorganising it into an alphabetical system and maintaining it throughout his shifts.

“He demonstrates a terrific work ethic, always willing to help out other staff with hands-on work, such as the donation bins, when his own is finished,” says Midland Store Manager, Tania Morris. “He serves as an example to those around him.”

Steve has been a real leader at our Midland thrift store. He has taken charge in coordinating our younger team members in several projects, such as shelving, painting, and assembling furniture. These activities have given our participants opportunities to gain hands-on experience as well as improve their communication skills, and with the support of members like Steve, they’ve grown closer as a team.

“I’ve become part of a great community,” says Steve. “they [the Good Sammy Midland team] even remembered my birthday and threw me a party!”

All the while, Steve has taken it upon himself to mentor Midland op shop’s younger team members, ever ready to hear them out. He has embraced the opportunity to give back and help develop people with disability on their employment journey. His co-workers describe him as an amazing listener and an encourager, a real bastion of their team.

Steve is an excellent example of leadership from within, taking charge of activities that he knows he can improve, working to learn from and provide a learning experience to his fellow co-workers, and mentoring the younger participants in their own journeys. He is a pillar of the community and we are proud to have him at Good Sammy.

Volunteers are so important to the work we do. If you would like to volunteer and be part of an amazing community, click here.

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