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Jobs for people with disability. Click to learn more.
Jobs for people with disability. Tap to learn more.

Our Story + History

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At Good Sammy we are driven by our core purpose to create employment opportunities for people with disability.

In 1958 Bernice Moorhouse became the first employee of Good Sammy, after inspiring Reverend Ralph Sutton with her request for employment. Reverend Sutton, the leader of the Wesley Mission in Western Australia, responded to Bernice’s request by engaging the members of his parish to donate unwanted clothing.  In this role Ms Moorhouse’s hearing impairment had no impact as she sorted, washed, and mended donations before on-selling for a small price, working out of a small room at the rear of the Wesley Mission.

60 years on, we remain driven by our purpose and, while Ms Moorhouse is now retired, she is an ongoing part of the Good Sammy family, joining us at key events and celebrations.

Good Sammy remains an agency of the Uniting Church and from that small room at the Wesley Mission, we now provide employment in 27 op shops from Albany to Geraldton with a significant environmental and social impact. By broadening our scope to provide business services and participating in sustainability initiatives such as the Containers for Change program, Good Sammy has been able to provide further options for our participants. And by harnessing generous community donations, our core purpose and social impact grows.

Our Story Today

Good Sammy has now been providing employment opportunities for people with disability for more than 60 years.

  • From one person in 1958, we have employed over 5000 people and going forward we are looking to expand our impact.
  • By upskilling, supporting, and employing people living with disabilities we also make a difference in the lives of their family members.
  • Good Sammy is a registered provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We can help navigate the NDIS, answer questions, and help maximise individual supports and benefits.
  • By receiving, sorting, and selling donations, we continue to provide employment opportunities in a range of areas in our retail and recycling businesses.
  • We are expanding our ventures by participating in the Containers for Change initiative. Through this program we can  will create more and different jobs and drive revenue to invest in further skills development and job creation.
  • By partnering with other employers we can find and create further employment and learning opportunities.

How we help the environment:

  • by receiving donations, Good Sammy redirects around 6000 tonnes of used goods from entering landfill each year, continuing to promote the message of reduce, reuse, recycle, and
  • by being a key provider for the Containers For Change, Container Deposit Scheme. 

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