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Jobs for people with disability. Click to learn more.
Jobs for people with disability. Tap to learn more.

Our Strategy

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Our strategic statement:

Deliver these results:

  • employment opportunities. 

Of this value:

  • aligned with the employment goal of the individual.

To these recipients:

  • people with disability who are employed or training, either within Good Sammy or externally; and
  • employers seeking workforce diversity.


To create employment opportunities for people with disability.

Primary beneficiary:

People with disability seeking employment.


To transform workplaces and society as the first-choice employment provider for people with disability.

5 strategic objectives:

  1. Customers: We will deliver desirable and competitive social enterprises and services to create employment opportunities.
  2. People: We will be an organisation that people want to be a part of, that demonstrates the value of inclusiveness, contribution, and innovation.
  3. Operations: We will run a sustainable portfolio of businesses and services that achieve growth while prudently managing our expenses and assets.
  4. Partnerships: We will partner with industry, corporates, government and community to assist delivery of our strategy.
  5. Brand: We will grow and protect our reputation, leveraging our position to deliver social and economic impacts.
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    We are enormously proud of the way Good Sammy has grown from a single worker, to providing employment opportunities to over 5000 people living with disability for more than 60 years.

    Good Sammy’s participants are unique in their goals, so it follows that each path to independence requires a distinct timeline and development. Understanding those goals and offering a variety of options, skills and employment experiences is Good Sammy’s point of difference in the disability market. Ensuring a positive participant experience builds firm relationships with families and carers and is the key to our growth and ongoing success.

    Our participants want options, which is why Good Sammy will continue to create a variety of sustainable businesses which are able to support more opportunities across more industries for our participants. The alignment of our brand increased choice and more jobs is important for our growth

    Good Sammy is a leading advocate for mainstream organisations to employ people with disability. We believe creating inclusive workplaces lays the foundation for an inclusive society. Through corporate partnerships we aim to further open employment opportunities and placement experience for our participants.

    We are so proud of the positive social impact Good Sammy delivers. Since our inception, empathy, social support and funding opportunities have afforded significant changes in the ways people living with disability can explore life and have access to employment.

    At Good Sammy we are creating a movement for change and we will continue to advocate for WA people living with disability, driven by our vision and purpose.


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