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Good Sammy is a trusted WA charity and we welcome all donations, whether they are your time, goods or a financial contribution.

Donating goods

You can gift us donations directly through our op shops, or via our community collection points.

When gifting to our op shops, we ask that where possible, you bring your donations between 9am - 4pm (Monday to Saturday) and 12pm - 4pm (Sunday). Please keep in mind that there are rare occasions when some of our stores are temporarily unable to accept donations. You are welcome to phone your local store in advance to check if they are able to accept your gift. 

We are so grateful for the generosity of the community. The revenue raised through the sale of donated goods funds the work we do to help Western Australians with disability.

Unfortunately we can't accept all donations.

To help, here is a list of items we can and can’t accept:

✗ Stained, damaged or broken items
✗ Food products
✗ Used or unsealed cosmetics
✗ Chemicals
✗ Alcohol and drugs
✗ R-rated products
✗ Guns
✗ Animals or fur
✗ Sharps, such as knives and scissors
✗ Helmets
✗ Floatation devices
✗ Baby car seats
✗ Cots
✗ Strollers without a safety strap
✗ Hot water bottles
✗ Old electrical items without an insulated plug
✗ Text books or encyclopaedias
✗ Company-branded workwear, including security and police uniforms
✗ Bootleg items, including counterfeit DVDs

We can accept almost anything else, and some of our favourites include:

✔ Quality clothes, shoes and accessories
✔ Handbags
✔ Jewellery
✔ Antiques, including English china
✔ Homewares
✔ Quality furniture
✔ Quality electrical items

Tips for donating:

  • if the shop is closed, please find an open shop or a donation collection point in your neighbourhood.
  • if the donation collection point is full, please take your items home to donate at another time. Please contact our Call Centre so we can follow up and rectify.
  • if you think your item would not be welcomed by a friend, please do not donate it to charity.
  • please donate fragile items directly to the counter at our shops to reduce breakage.
  • please donate furniture to our furniture shops (Willetton, Balcatta, Gosnells and Wanneroo) or contact our Call Centre for a free home collection, and
  • please report illegal dumping by calling our Call Centre on 1300 GOOD SAMMY or your local council.

Let's chat

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There are so many reasons why people choose Good Sammy.

If you would like to connect with us - we would love to help you.

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