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The Mentor Experience

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Mentors at Good Sammy provide individual support to people with disability who are working towards their employment goals.

We find a mentor that best suits an individual and supports and empowers the individual to develop their independence and employability skills. Many of our mentors also work alongside the person’s support team and family where services are provided outside of the workplace. Mentor services are funded through your NDIS plan.

Some of the employment activities our mentors assist with include:

Employment Support

  • Help someone achieve their employment goals. This can be within a Good Sammy or external workplace.

Work Experience Support

  • Support a person during their work experience to learn on-the-job skills within a particular industry to enable future employment

Support in Good Sammy Academy Programs, Traineeships and other training

  • Help someone participate in employment training, and support learning and development in a variety of settings.

Support to find and keep a job

  • We help develop a resume and cover letter, identify job opportunities, help with job applications, and interview preparation.
  • Support to apply for work related clearances such as police clearances and Working with Children’s Checks etc.
  • Assist in contacting potential employers or volunteer opportunities

Building employment skills in the community

Mentor activities in the community are often centered on building a person’s capacity to apply, obtain and maintain employment through activities such as:

  • Money Management
  • Public Transport Training
  • Customer service skills and communication
  • Confidence building and managing anxieties
  • Building independence

We focus on employment as we believe this is critical for social and financial independence. We help individuals build foundational skills in the community that are pathways to future employment.

Our supports do not include activities unrelated to employment goals, such as purely social and recreational activities.

We do not provide allied health, or self-care supports, but we can put you in touch with others who focus on those areas.

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