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Good Sammy Op Shops are the public face of our organisation. Our shops collect and sell goods generously donated by the community, and all profits are reinvested to create employment opportunities for West Australian people living with disability.

Within our retail stores we provide a number of those opportunities. Volunteers and support staff work alongside people living with disabilities guiding and supporting their daily working tasks and shaping their pathway to independence. Our customers help our employees by donating, interacting and buying.

In-store, Good Sammy’s supported staff often begin their employment receiving donations and sorting. Initially, participants may be supported in this role, before progressing to independently hanging or displaying the donations. Everyone’s path may differ, but the next step might be to operate the till and some of our supported employees may eventually open and close the store unassisted.

Our mission is to move our supported employees through a variety of tasks to develop their skills and eventually equip them to move into open employment beyond the walls of our stores. However, this progression will not be possible for everyone and that is ok too - that is why we tailor our programs and work with our clients individually.

What is important is that our participants focus on their individual goals, contribute, socialise with their co-workers and customers, make new friends, and feel useful and productive.

Good Sammy donors and customers understand the value of their contribution and the impact our mission has on the wider community. Good Sammy Op Shop customers:

  • trust Good Sammy to offer good quality products at a reasonable price
  • feel included and important – everyone is welcome here
  • know their donated goods and purchases create the income we reinvest into our purpose
  • understand the social impact of engaging people in employment – providing motivation, activity, and purpose, (and the associated mental health benefits) and positive impact on families
  • engage with the very people their dollars help each time they enter the store, and
  • understand the environmental impact of repurposing goods with Good Sammy.

We call this shopping with purpose.

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