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Ways to Donate

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  • Good Sammy Op Shops: We have 26 op shop locations from Albany to Geraldton. Please look out for the yellow bin at the front of the second-hand store or bring your items inside. To minimise theft, litter, and weather damage, ensure your donation is made during opening hours.
  • Containers for Change: You can deliver your empty containers to any of our Containers for Change refund points

Bag Drop stores. Customers can bring bags of containers into the store, a label is printed, put onto the bag and the bag is placed in a cage for collection by the Good Sammy logistics team for transporting back to an aggregation site for counting and the refund paid by EFT to the customer. 

Hybrid cash refund and bag drop stores - Butler, Gosnells and Cannington. In addition to the above, these stores will also count the containers and provide a cash refund to customers.  

Aggregation sites - Canning Vale and Wanneroo - customers will drive in with their containers, Good Sammy staff will assist them unloading their vehicle, count the containers, separate them into their various material types and pay the customer the refund.  These sites will also receive the containers from the bag drop sites for counting, separating and processing the customer payments direct into their bank accounts.

  • Good Sammy Yellow Donations Bins Community bins are available in 345 locations. We request donors do not use these bins for fragile items as they can be damaged in the sorting process. Yellow donation bins are not limited to shop hours, but please ensure your donation is placed inside the bin to minimise damage. If the bin is full, please take your donation home to donate at another time and contact our Call Centre on 1300 GOOD SAMMY (1300 466 372), so we can follow up and rectify.
  • Home Collection is available for heavier donations such as furniture or for a large quantity of items to donate. Please contact our Call Centre on 1300 GOOD SAMMY (1300 466 372) to discuss the collection of your donation.
  • Corporate Days can be arranged for local councils and organisations to encourage residents and members to donate to Good Sammy at a designated muster point. Please contact our Call Centre to discuss your next corporate day and how we can help.
  • Commercial Donations We welcome donations of surplus commercial stock in good condition. Please contact our Call Centre on 1300 GOOD SAMMY (1300 466 372) to discuss seconds stock, closing-down / end-of-lease surplus or other commercial donations. Tax benefits are available.
  • Bequests Making a will allows you to make provision for your family, leave gifts to friends and extend your support for the charities that are important to you. By pledging your support to Good Sammy, you will have the comfort of knowing that your gift will ensure the provision of employment and training support to people with disabilities.

Find the nearest shop location or community bin for your donation.

*Theft and weather damage thousands of dollars’ worth of donations every year. We request that donations are placed inside the bin, to minimise damage and reduce litter.

Tips for donating:

  • if the shop is closed, please find an open shop or a donation bin in your neighbourhood.
  • if the donation bin is full, please take your items home to donate at another time. Please contact our Call Centre so we can follow up and rectify.
  • if you think your item would not be welcomed by a friend, please do not donate it to charity.
  • please donate fragile items directly to the counter at our shops to reduce breakage.
  • please donate furniture to our furniture shops (Canning Vale, Port Kennedy, Morley, Willetton, Gosnells and Wanneroo) or contact our Call Centre for a free home collection, and
  • please report illegal dumping by calling our Call Centre on 1300 GOOD SAMMY or your local council.


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