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Good Sammy Butler: An untapped second-hand goldmine

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Perth's far northern suburbs are a hotspot for adventure and relaxation. Hang out at the lively Mindarie Marina, explore the wonders of Yanchep National Park, and take a dip at stunning beaches like Two Rocks, Jindalee, Alkimos, and Quinns Beach.

But the charm of Perth's far north isn't just limited to foodies and nature lovers - it's a haven for thrifters too!

Inside the Butler Good Sammy store

A cruisy 35-minute drive from Perth CBD, the coastal suburb of Butler is home to one of Perth's best untapped op-shopping strips that includes a sizable and treasure-filled Good Sammy Butler store.

Good Sammy Butler caters to everyone in the family, offering a massive collection of quality second-hand clothing for women, men and kids. With the boom in new house builds nearby, the store is a local favourite for families looking to stock up on everything from casual wear to fancy dress. And finding what you want is a breeze thanks to its racks that are conveniently sorted by size and colour.

Another drawcard for op shoppers is the store’s wide selection of bric-a-brac items. The back of the store is a treasure trove with shelf after shelf of eclectic finds that you never knew you needed – a black ukelele, or a vintage brush and mirror set, for instance.

Black ukelele Vintage mirror set

Thrifters will love perusing these colour blocked and thoughtfully arranged displays, just as much as they’ll relish sifting through the racks of the Gold Seal section which boasts high-end labels like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Camilla and Marc, Oroton and Mimco. Believe me when I say there are so many treasures waiting to be found.

Gold Seal section

My first ever visit to the store felt like a jackpot moment when I stumbled upon some leather jogger pants by Dion Lee and a tiered lace maxi dress by Zimmermann. If you were to buy these new, you’d be looking at a hefty $1500 and $640, respectively. But at Good Sammy Butler they were a steal at just $100 each. And get this – on the day I visited, these items were on the half-price rack, making them a bargain $50 each!

The gems didn’t stop there though. I scored a vintage suede leather mini skirt by Banana Republic, a brand new with tags Verge Girl summer dress, a pair of near-new Vans, and two cute tops from the $2 tub. This little haul cost me $37 altogether. Not bad at all, right?

Collection of thrifted items

Amy, the Butler Store Manager, says that the team’s camaraderie adds a unique touch to the store. The fact that the store has 13 dedicated volunteers speaks volumes about the team’s enthusiasm. According to Amy, it’s not uncommon to catch everyone having a dance or singing while they work. As she puts it, “Everybody has a smile for you.”

Amy believes this positive vibe creates the perfect setting for the store’s ten employees with disability, to not only develop new skills but also to grow in confidence.

Amy encourages shoppers to interact with the friendly team - they might help you discover hidden gems not yet on the shelves. She also suggests not sticking to your size section as op shop sizing is often not standardised. Keep an eye out for regular sales, where you might snag items at 50% off, and if you’re on a budget, don’t miss the bins at the front for incredible deals like five items for $2.


Good Sammy Butler isn’t just a thrifter’s dream destination; it’s also a community hub. They actively engage with the local community, offering free bread weekly and collaborating with after-school programs on recycling and op shopping education.

The store is also a Containers for Change facility, a service used by many locals to reduce landfill waste while making a little bit of pocket money. While Butler may seem a bit far for some, the treasures within make the trip 100% worth it.

So, what’s the holdup? Plan your visit to Good Sammy Butler today and experience the magic for yourself. And hey, why not cap off your adventure with a well-deserved drink at Mindarie Marina on the way back.

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