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How to op shop like a thrift-fluencer

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[Part 2]

Okay, so you've culled, assessed what's left in your wardrobe, done some research, mentally prepared, and you're dressed appropriately. Great!

Now it's time to graduate to the final steps for op shopping like a thrift-fluencer. Here we go... 

6. Use a basket or trolley

Widya from @sixthsenseforfashion cannot go op shopping without using a trolley. A trolley allows her to easily collect items she likes while she browses the racks with her hands free.

It’s funny how many op shoppers you see with clothes draped off both arms and shoulders. They always look uncomfortable and fed up as they wrestle with tangled hangers and pick up items that fall on the floor. Their problem could’ve easily been prevented by getting a basket or trolley when they entered the store.

It’s so simple, but it’ll make the op shopping experience a lot more enjoyable.

7. Take your time

Expert op shoppers opt for quality over quantity. It takes time and patience to browse through racks, feel fabrics, inspect the condition of clothes and try them on. Loraine @thefeelgoodfashionista would rather spend two focussed hours in one store than do a heap of stores quickly.

You simply won’t find those treasures by rushing. You’ll only end up impulse buying. Loraine also recommends going op shopping alone so you can get in the zone and do your own thing without being rushed out the door by a bored shopping partner. 

8. Keep a Wish List

Zoe from @myloveofpreloved keeps a wish list of gems she dreams of finding one day at the op shop. These items are the pot of gold at the end of the op shop rainbow.

Zoe says a wish list brings purpose to the many hours she spends scouring the racks. On more than one occasion she has manifested a wish list item by simply writing it down - even something quite obscure like a pair of gold platforms. Unfortunately the platforms just fell victim to the family dog, so she’ll have to add them to her wish list again. She’ll probably find them in no time. The thrifting Gods are certainly kind to this dedicated op shopper. 

9. Shop every rack

Nearly every thrift-fluencer interviewed for this article recommended not sticking to one section because there are gems to be found everywhere in an op shop. Things also end up in the wrong place.

Instead of sticking to the women’s section, Jessica from shops the mens’ for oversized shirts, leather belts and loafers. She also shops the sleepwear section for slip dresses and slinky camisoles, the plus size racks for oversized dresses and the kids’ section for retro t-shirts. She says the kids section is also great for petite ladies. Anything goes!

Think outside the box and you’ll be rewarded. 

10. Have fun!

With op shopping, it’s entirely possible to relive the joy of childhood scavenger hunts. The thrill of the hunt, the tingle of finding a gem and the satisfaction of scoring a great deal, all while supporting a worthy cause and helping the planet, is a wonderful feeling.

So heed the experts’ advice, head to your nearest Good Sammy and start your treasure hunting today. And protect your gems from ol’ mate Long John Silver. 

Thank you to Kate Taylor the @the.thrifty.thirtysomething who wrote this article for Good Sammy. 

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