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Willetton's Magical Thriftmas Display!

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To top off the festive season here at Good Sammy, our Willetton store has absolutely blown us away with the teamwork and effort that went into their Christmas display.

Mannequin is dress made out of a christmas tree, filled with bows and candy canes. Sleigh and christmas ornaments are next to it.

“Many hands went into creating this display; including myself, Participants, employees and our volunteer. As with our Halloween display, we tried to be as creative as possible, and more importantly, reuse and recycle where we could.” – Beck, Willetton Store Manager

Beck and her team are passionate about recycling broken and unsellable items that are donated. They come in early on a Sunday and spend the day carefully crafting their concepts (even when they are not scheduled to work!).

Willetton team securing christmas tree parts to mannequin

The Christmas tree mannequins use broken and incomplete trees - saving them from going to landfill. The team secured the broken sprigs together and then sewed together bows from scraps of tulle – they truly look so beautiful!

Mannequin is dress made out of a christmas tree, filled with ornaments bows. Christmas presents are next to it.

The giant present mannequin uses an old box covered in wrapping paper topped off with a handmade bow from more fabric scraps.

Mannequin made out of present box, with a side photo of the team putting the box together

The team cleverly used the filling from old unsellable cushions to create a snow globe window - the filling will be re-bagged to sell as craft material, how’s that for a circular economy!

Snow globe window display - fetauring a snow queen mannequin dressed in blue gown and icy cloak, there is a background painted with winter forests and a ginger bread house sitting on a pile of "snow" (made out of cushion stuffing).

The backdrop of the snow globe window was all hand painted by the team members, and it looks so magical! 

team painting back drop

The snow queen dress uses an old piece of curtaining and unsellable fabric. A big thank you to the help of one of the team’s 9 year-old son, Christopher, for designing the dress – the talent of everyone involved is unreal!

9-year-old Christopher's dress concept coming to life through the snow queen mannequin

This in depth creative process wouldn’t be possible without our Store Managers who go above and beyond to inspire their team. We are in awe of Beck from Willetton and her ability to spark imagination and enthusiasm, especially in our Participants who are now so eager to learn and develop their merchandising experience.

Our visual merchandising is so important for our Participants and employees to learn techniques and skills which help them to grow within retail workplaces. We are stunned by the team work, effort and creativity of our Willetton store and can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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