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Jobs for people with disability. Click to learn more.
Jobs for people with disability. Tap to learn more.

Success Stories

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Every day along with families and carers, we find great joy in our client’s growing independence.

In our early meetings, we focus on what is achievable through our individual goal planning and skill development and, as confidence grows paths begin to emerge.

Learning to catch the bus is a key goal for some of our participants as they bravely move into the world independently. And with transport and confidence comes further opportunity to explore life, with the possibility of new destinations, social groups and friendships.

For others, like Ben, our Life and Work Skills course helped him build his confidence and social skills, until he felt comfortable sampling work experience. This experience helped Ben learn about a variety of industries and finding the right fit has led to paid employment.

We hope you find joy in these triumphs, which are a small sample of the daily achievements we experience here at Good Sammy.

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