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Employment Readiness

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Ready for Work

Are you ready to explore your opportunities for meaningful work?

Preparing to find work is an exciting stage of life, but with so many options available sometimes it is tricky to know where to start! Good Sammy Options will support you in deciding where your areas of interest lie and how to begin.

Good Sammy Options matches you with an experienced employment mentor who will support you to identify your goals and help you plan to reach your employment objectives. We can help you to secure work experience in your areas of choice, guide you through your job search, assist you to create a resume and develop your interview skills. Then, once you secure your dream job, we can support you on your first day and beyond as you settle in and find your feet.

Good Sammy Options participants choose us because we have been trusted by over 5000 West Australians with disability, we are flexible (we can come to you!) and we tailor our support for your individual goals. Good Sammy is a registered NDIS provider, so we can help you and your family to navigate this process and maximise your funding. You can read more about NDIS here.

At Good Sammy Options, our Ready for Work program is all about you and your aspirations. Together we work through the three phases at a pace that is comfortable to you.

Guiding you: Finding meaningful work for our participants is important to us. That is why we really get to know you to understand your strengths and capabilities, your hobbies and motivations to help identify possible career paths or business ideas.

Preparing you: Once we have identified your goals, we will work with you to develop the skills you need for the workplace, for example; understanding workplace etiquette, personal presentation, following instructions and communications skills, working to a timeframe, and working in a team.

Experience and sampling: Your coordinator understands your goals and the industry in which you are hoping to find work. At Good Sammy we have great partnerships across a range of industries, so whether your aspirations are in hospitality or administration or any number of other industries, we can place you with your specific goals in mind.

Does our Ready for Work program sound like the kind of support you need? Call 9463 0562 to speak to our Customer Engagement team today.


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