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Life Readiness

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Ready for Life

At Good Sammy we understand there are a lot of factors contributing to a meaningful life. Good Sammy Options matches you with a specialist mentor who supports you to explore life by building independence skills, getting out in the community and making new friends. As we support you to broaden your life skills, you will work towards independence and live the life you want to live.

We listen to your goals and support you in your decision making, as you define your goals. We can help you with the skills and confidence to make new friends. Guided by your choices, your mentor will plan activities so you can participate in your community - perhaps you would like to learn to cook, catch the bus or learn to budget.  Our Ready for Life program is about providing opportunities to develop your confidence, your independence, to support you to be a part of your community and to live well.

Our participants choose us because we are a trusted name, we are flexible, and we tailor our support for your individual goals. Good Sammy is a registered NDIS provider, so we can help you to navigate this process and maximise your funding. You can read more about that here.

Depending on your personal goals, our Ready for Life includes three programs for you to consider:

Community program: We can help to build your confidence, meet new people and ready you for participation in a range of activities with your local church, sporting clubs, gaming groups or dance classes. We also offer group sessions, bringing participants together in a range of activities to achieve a common goal. If you would like some support to get out and about, please call 9463 0562 today.

Life and Work Skills Program (LAWS): The LAWS programs are a series of two-hour, in-house workshops where we work with you to discuss and develop your work and life skills such as:

  • exploring your work options and planning your career
  • learning about resume writing and techniques
  • job search skills, interview tips and techniques
  • communication and team skills
  • being money wise and budgeting
  • further education and training
  • housing / accommodation
  • personal safety, nutrition, hygiene, and presentation, and
  • transport and travelling.

Daily Living Program: We know your independence is important to you. We can help you to build your independence by developing your life skills.  Through our daily living program, we can help you with skills such as learning to cook, how to budget your money, shopping and learning how to travel confidently.

Does our Ready for Life program sound like the kind of support you need? Call 9463 0562 to speak to our Customer Engagement team today.



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