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If it brings you joy...

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We love Marie Kondo’s simple method of decluttering your home, to ask yourself with each item; does this bring me joy?

If you hesitate or say no, we ask you to let the item give joy to someone else, by donating it to Good Sammy.

Joy is simple, yet so powerful in working out what you want to hold onto – but also in thinking about the joy your donated item could give someone else.  

Now that’s powerful. 

That’s happiness.

At Good Sammy your donations provide joy to both our customers and our team members. Every donation makes a huge difference in providing opportunities for people with disability. By donating to us, the joy is multiplied, because it creates a purpose for the thousands of people we support and provides employment opportunities for so many in our community.

We know your items gave you joy at some point in your life, and we are honoured to be able to give joy to someone else. 

Your items find new beginnings through our op shops and thrift stores. Finding these items a new home ensures they don’t go to landfill. 

Your donations are incredibly important and we are so grateful to receive them, because our charity op shops raise much needed funds for Good Sammy. This helps us support and provide services to people with disability, and we can also help those in need by providing quality pre-loved goods at a reasonable price.  

Selling second-hand goods provides so much joy. In fact, it creates a joyous ripple effect – because when you find that special something, that joy is spread throughout the thrift store and shared by our team. We can’t help but smile and marvel at the joy, shopping in our op shops brings to so many people. Because at Good Sammy op shops, our staff and volunteers work hard sorting through your valued donations, and are passionate about making sure quality items are put on the shop floor.

To help us spread the joy, we have provided some easy ways you can make sure your donations don’t go to waste:

1. Not sure if you should donate an item? 

Ask yourself, would I give this to a friend? If the answer is yes, Good Sammy would welcome your donation. 

2. Tie shoes together

Like socks in washing machines – we lose shoes if they are not tied together. If shoes are separated in the sorting process, chances are they’ll never find their ‘sole-mate’ again.

3. Box and protect fragile items

Your glass or fragile donations need a bit of extra love. If you wrap or box these , it helps them arrive in one piece. For these kinds of items it's also best to deliver to the store counter directly. Unfortunately, we find fragile items break easily in donation bins.  

4. Sorry, it’s a no-go on stained, torn and broken items

Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to fix items or remove stains. For these items we recommend you call your local council to find out where you can dispose of these items responsibly. 

5. Come back later if the donation bins are full or the shop is closed

Unfortunately, most items that are left outside stores or outside of bins are stolen, contaminated and ruined, ultimately ending up in landfill. Your donations are very important to us, so please come back when the store is open so staff can accept your donations (and thank you for your support).

Good Sammy thrift stores sell quality second-hand items that have been generously gifted by the community, with all proceeds going back into creating meaningful employment opportunities and development pathways for Western Australians with disability.

When you shop or donate to us, you’re supporting us to create a better future for people with disability.

Thank YOU!

Psssst... take a look at the latest GREAT Sorts campaign by the Western Australian government. It's all about how to gift your donations to charity. It was filmed at our Balcatta op shop, and stars our very own Good Sammy team members! 

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